The Department of Field Crops was founded on 20 July 1982 in accordance with Constitution and Regulation nr 41 as one of the four Departments of the Faculty of Agriculture at Trakya University in Tekirdag. The Department became a part of Namık Kemal University in 2006. The Field Crops undergraduate and graduate programmes started in 1982-1983 academic year and the post-graduate programme was opened in 1986-1987. As a Department of Trakya University, has provided education to 714 undergraduate, 106 graduate and 26 postgraduate students. The first graduates of the Field Crops programme as a part of Namık Kemal University were 76 students in 2007.

Our Department initially consisted 8 insructors, who are the founder Dean and Head of Department Prof. Dr. Sezen Sehirali, as well as Prof. Dr. İbrahim Atakisi, Assist. Prof. Temel Genctan, Assist. Prof. Servet Tekeli, Assist. Prof. Kayıhan Korkut, Research Assistant Adnan Orak, Research Assistant Nezihi Saglam and Research Assistant A. Canan Sezer. Nowadays, the Department includes 12 Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors and 3 Research Assistants.

Our Departments has conducted research on Crops and Edible Legumes, Industrial Crop Cultivation and Breeding, Pasture and Meadow Forage Crops, Plant Breeding, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology and Seed Growing Science and Technology. The Department offers solutions especially to the problems of Tekirdag and Thrace Region and is of great importance for the region.